Pocket Aces Yes, we are the POKER players.

Our aim at PokerAces is to promote the spread of Poker in Japan not as a gambling activity but as a sport or competition.

Currently we borrow space in various bars and restaurants and hold poker tournaments about once per week.
However, we do more than simply use the space.
We assist in every way possible to create a safe and fun poker environment for the players, and to allow the locations to begin managing their games independently as an attraction to their business.

The most difficult aspect to manage is how to exclude the elements of gambling.
Naturally, depending upon how a game is run there is a risk that it could become a gambling act.
We manage the games paying particular attention to ensure that the games are fun but do not become gambling activities, and are not used to gamble by any of the players.
We share this stance with each of our partner locations, and continue to promote poker in Japan so that it is recognized as a competitive game.

To ensure that anyone may play in our games with full confidence, we make the following declaration that we completely prohibit gambling acts and organized crime.

1. We do not permit any organized crime members or gambling figures to participate in our games.
2. We do not permit any contact between organized crime members or gambling figures and our dealers.
3. We will not yield to any unreasonable demands made by organized crime members or gambling figures.
4. We are firm in our resolution to take the strictest measures to prevent any acts of gambling or antisocial acts such as violence.

Moreover, we have made complete disclosures that we are operating these poker tournaments to the police stations whose jurisdictions cover the locations of our games.
It is our strong conviction that we will neither practice nor permit any gambling activities.

When we speak with those who enjoy gambling on mah-jong or horse racing, or those who enjoy visiting overseas casinos, we very often hear, "How can you play a gambling game without risking any money? Where's the fun in that?"
While this is a perfectly understandable opinion, we think it is the wrong way of looking at the game.
There are many aspects of poker that can be enjoyed without risking any money.
Many players are fascinated by the tactics, techniques, bluffing, and luck of the game.
And in the games we have run, we have seen countless players enjoying themselves without gambling for money.
We encourage anyone to come to one of our poker spots for a game.
When you look into the eyes of the players, we're certain you'll see what we mean.

However, it's not as if we are completely against gambling.
In fact, we understand that moment, the taste of that instant of stress and excitement when real money is on the line.
We also work in cooperation with overseas casinos to create an environment where all Japanese players can safely and easily enjoy poker.
So build and hone your skills here in Japan, then put them to the test in the casinos overseas!

Yes, we are POKER players !
Balancing our skill and luck, let's enjoy the wonderful world of poker!