Pocket Aces Yes, we are the POKER players.

Management of Poker Tournament

We, the PocketAces is managing a poker league as well as the other medium-size poker tournaments on regular basis.
Since 2009, we started organizing the big tournaments constantly.
Today, we are the only firm who has the equipiments, environment and the knowledge to manage a big tournament
within our own resources in Japan.

Poker League, which holds a poker event in about 10 spots within Tokyo.
Win the quarterly final to earn a international trip.

BIG TOURNAMENT Let us handle the big tournament.
We hold over 60 poker tables.
3 years of experience on running poker tournaments, in Japan and overseas.
We present you the elite poker tournaments with the right knowledge and the right dealers.
 →13/Dec/2009 130players tournament (in Japanese only)

ソウルカップ Seoul Cup   URL : http://www.pokernavi.jp/tnm/seoulcup/
The held qualify acquisition type tournament with the Tinian cup simultaneously.
Trip to South Korea in an adult number is a charm.

Deep Impact DEEP IMPACT    URL : http://www.pokernavi.jp/tnm/deepimpact/
Deep Stack and Long Structure Poker Tournament.

A way to Tinian A way to Tinian   URL : http://www.pokernavi.jp/tnm/awaytotinian/
Winner of this tournament receives a trip to Tinian.
Weekly satellites also run which feed into this event.

ポーカーナビカップ PokerNavi Cup   URL : http://www.pokernavi.jp/tnm/pokernavicup/
Real money tournament played overseas.
(Management of the PokerNavi Cup is by the overseas casinos and is not handled by our organization.)

We produce and present poker and casino events for any exhibiton or any company related party.
Along with your preference of event place, budget, and other requests, we are able to manage a event with our humen resources who are well knowledged in entertaining casino events.
Unique from any other events or party, we provide you the advanced casino entertainment.

small size event plan up to party of 20
middle sise event plan up to party of 100
large size event plan from party of 101
According to your preference, we have all sorts of plans.
Please feel free to contact us.

Casino games we can present:
  ・Black Jack